Projects and Races

TomCaro projects-

  1. We must have a concrete semi idea for our non-profit, or at least narrow it to 3 subject matters by March 24th.
  2. Get together in April with all the people we have in mind. Meeting:Brainstorm.
  3. Learn how to love the water, our bikes and early rising.
  4. Help out 99 people by the end of the year. Write a blog entry for each person.
  5. Identify 10 problems with the world that we want to change in our lives…(3 local)
  6. Get Tom back into software around with your comp. Caro Play with art.
  7. Start our tree book- (plant 1st tree within 1st trimester of the year)
  8. Be better at saving $.
  9. Learn how to cook (C), learn how to make origami- perfect Spanish(T)
  10. Get you back into journal writing to keep track of your ideas.
  11. Compose songs together—- Write 3 songs by end of Feb.

Tom’s Training Goals:

  • Feb: 8k on calle ocho. Start to bike — go for a few long rides on weekends.
  • March: 10K — continue biking and start swimming.
  • April 13th: Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton-1st sprint
  • May and June: Train for Olympic in July. [possible races: May 4th- Tri Miami- its in key biscayne
  • July 4th-tradewinds ??]
  • July — July 22nd-NYC Nautica Tri- Olympic with Caro!

Caro’s Race Schedule:

  • April 12-Swim Miami- either 1Mile or 5K Swim
  • May 4th- Tri Miami
  • July 22nd-NYC Nautica Tri- Olympic-Registered
  • Nov. 1- Ironman -Panama City -Registered

One response to “Projects and Races

  1. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s perfect—quiamoing…

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