643 Medallions


The Medallion piece is a process installation with many elements. A projector is attempting to display an image on the white wall in the back. The medallions, however, are strategically placed to obstruct the image from being displayed. In this way, the act of kidnapping is taking place in the piece. The video, is synchronized with Colombia’s national anthem, which can be heard whispering in the background. The altered photographs being projected change with each note of the trumpet. The medallions hang in a V shape from the ceiling with hemp– an allusion to the drug trade — and wire –which is often used to tie kidnapping victims’ hands and feet.

The performance of this piece is vital. The act of kidnapping is one of the most violent acts imaginable. It is taking something away from someome. Giving a gift, on the other hand, is the opposite of kidnapping. Thus, I am giving away all of the medallions. I am giving them to individuals in the gallery and on the street, as well as mailing them to strangers. They are given away in a calculated manner that depends on the length of the show, and is meant to spread knowledge and awareness of the problems that plague my country. In the end — once all the medallions are given away — the final image of the video will be revealed, and only the strings will remain.

The first half of this piece took place in Miami, FL. 187 medallions were given out and later replaced. The second half of this piece will be finished in NY in the coming months.


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