Our life is not a movie..or maybe?

At 7 AM I was headed to my first Sunday ride with the tri kidz(especially Billi my TG and WIFI)…it’s really hard to explain the bond that we have created its absolutely unique in so many levels…there are no barriers…we are all equall… I think this is part of my fascination with it. ..we talk without having to say a word…one thing is clear: you leave it all in the road.

Anna was a trooper at 7am..so we chatted it up all the way to the turnpike..we realized we didn’t have enough water, we shared…I was out of juice at turn point…it was sad.. but I wasn’t expecting 50 miles…we were totally in the back.. but oblivious of the worries of directions…some confussion on the way back….after a while I realized I was alone on my way to cocoplum.. awesome….

The sun was out, early joggers were greeting…my music was pounding and the feeling of being alive is just inexplicable…its beautiful meets endorphins with the perfect music and muscle balance…it really boils down to you and your mind…your dreams, your wishes, your wars and battles…in the distant you can hear your muscles whispering a loud scream…

THis ride simply charged me up and lead to reinforcement of my mojoness… WE CAN SAVE THIS PERFECTLY TURMOILED AND LOVING WORLD!!!

*i cannot wait for Tom to come ride with me..he’s gonna love it!


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