Haruki….the little tree

It’s going to be really hard to top Tom’s V gift of “HARUKI” our first Bonsai!! I’ve always wanted one and now he brought Japan to me weeeeehaaaa!!!! Seriously, beautifully thoughtful! Although technically, V day for us in is March due to lack of time….we’ll see if I can top his gift… i lOVED it and I can’t wait to fix my home for Haruki..the little tree, which is the japanese definition of Bonsai…according to Tom…for most people, Bonsai in japanese means “plant in a pot”…but i like little tree better…

I was thinking if the elections did depend on candidates “tree drawing abilities”, Tom, would RULE in Japan Bonsai world!!!!

oH, I made an executive decision and the Bonsai’s name is “HARUKI” it means sprintime tree when used for trees, in the human world it means sunlight, bright energy.

Tom’s off to Dublin—miss you already!!! ah can’t wait for the stories!!!!!!


2 responses to “Haruki….the little tree

  1. Good luck with it! It looks like a ficus retusa, which is recommended as a good first bonsai. They’re very tough!

    I got my first bonsai, a ficus also, in November. It’s doing fine. They have a tendency to shed lots of leaves when they’re moved into a new spot but it’s nothing to worry about. They grow back.

  2. Yep it is a ficus I think. They are the easiest indoor bonsai to take care of so you should be fine! The only thing to remember really is to keep it out of direct sunlight as it can dry it out very quickly.

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