Weddings as we know them —> should die.

After a discussion with 1 of my close friends that is getting married this year and after hearing the exorbitant cost of it, plus the ridiculous number of people attending and the laundry list of chores she has to deal with, I asked:..why?

She dutifully answered :” well, that’s tradition, it’s honoring the couple, its about meeting the families” .

hmmmm…Honoring the couple, really? Families meeting?


Having to wear a ridiculously uncomfortable dress surrounded by people you probably could care less about (considering the number), I mean really, how much can you really interchange when you have to get around that # of people, how many memories beyond: “ thank you for coming…oh yes we are soo happy…thank u…” can u make with people?

So, I decided I am starting a revolution… I think instead of having a party, you should have a “habitat for the wedding event”, people should be FORCED to do what you like on that day. What better way to really get families to know each other, than through hard work? Really? Helping to remodel a needy families homes? (besides potential liability issues that could arise) really?! I mean everyone is in charge of something around the house, right?… so…. Mom’s could garden, grampa’s could take care of the BBQ, dad’s could take care of plumbing… ya know?.. that is waaaaay more functional and I guarantee, the memories would truly be priceless…and the $$ wouldn’t be wasted…which I think is my biggest problem with these functions…I don’t have a problem with spending loads of money on your family and clearly when two lives are joined, yeah celebrate, but come on!!!! I don’t think families are in the 500’s…hmm well…that is …unless you’re Irish…or Mexican….




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