Our family Plans…

There are certain things we must make sure we accomplish within the next couple of weeks:

1- Get pictures of Mom and Grandmother for Caro, the sooner the better (T).

2- Get a ‘circle journal’ for Grandmother, Mother and Tom (C will get one), for memories about the family to share between them (you choose if you want to include MOm or if you want it to be just between grandmother and you).–> TMAC needs to choose what he wants

eg- I time around the circle can be- “favorite moment with mom”? or what did she want to be when she was a kid? -These memories will be invalauble.

3- Plant our first tree(T+C).

4 – Cook Dinner for the boys while they watch the Wire(C) generation kill.

5- Consolidate our ideas for our first trip. Austin was a blast/philly/NY.

Estes Park, Colorado-“…..race you around the park”.

6 – Find a Job for Mikey!!! mIKEY found a great job at home!

—-now we need to find volunteer ideas as well as other potential jobs:


– Mike- Architectural comp.

– Dave- Follow him around D.A’s office/court

7 – Work on Tom’s spanish********************SUNDAY SPANISH(SS)

8 – Buy Tom Bike.

get the biking shoes and all other stuff- helmet, pedals, gloves, spare tires, co2 etc.

9 – Jam with Guitar shop guy across the street

10- Burn Martin Sexton – Devotchka CD’s for: 1- Dad and 2-John Adams 3- Marti (from downstairs)

11- Find Charles son in Oklahoma- call Rebecca and Phil.- When in Oklahoma ask Phil to do this…get in touch with him and all others needed for this.

12- TOM START WRITING. Make a date for Tom with Tom. so he can write-***

13- Go to that pretty church and chant with together at my place.

14- Plan a Camping Trip with Friends before it gets too humid. 1st wknd of April?? POSTPONED until 2009

15- Take Tom running around matheson, the houses and hte peacocks, then stop by hte Juice bar for THE BEST strawberry shake.

16- Plan 1 hiking trip and 1 volunteering trip

a- HIKING 2009 -Either- winter Colorado, OR Spring Yellowstone.

b- Volunteering somewhere in the world-  get idea.

17-Conquer places in Africa game— quiz July 29-2008

18-SEND GM PACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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