*origami love*

1000 origami’s in 2008 to random people-

as a good converted white person i love japan, ” cogito ergo sum—“cogito ergo philo origami” —> “i think therefore I love origami” !!!!!

1-Desiree– cash register lady at Kmart- 3/22-(placed on her tag)

2-Consuel– cleaning lady at FLL-3/23 (played with it, dropped the cleaning bag and placed it in her pocket with a smile)

3-Veronica- Coffe girl from next door- (SHe smiled and said she would keep it always).

4-Guzman– Customs and Border Protection’s Officer- He placed it on his computer monitor..and smiled.

5-Jose, Ali, Anita, Gomez- White origami (while I waited)- They placed it on top of the “weapons and baggage check point machine” that one that is in airports… well this machine is at the entrance of INFOPASS, USCIS office Miami. Recently, they moved the machine to another location like 2 rooms away and origami was still there…tapped to the machine.

6- Daniela– co worker- said :”cool”. She then placed it above her shelf.

7-big eyed japanese girl at sushi maki– she was timid and looked a bit surprised, bowed down and said thank you(in some cultures to bow means being in connection with the divine self/and of course respecting the other person).

8-Janet +Nicolasa- my assistant just looking really happy…asked if i could make one for her daughter…I asked what her favorite colour was…purple.

9-Marti-instruments GURU. Watched me doing the origami, placed it next to his lamp and put my card right in the middle of it. Corrected the cranes neck sot hat it would be less “stiff” .

10-Yado– friend, JAG, plants lover- alluded to the fact that it can also be devilish or peaceful crane…it went in his pocket.

11- OBGYN guy– He smiled and placed it on his desk, behind his chair..then hugged me.

12- Fumigation guy- After asking about Ants and their family members, whom seem to be roaming around my apartment, I thanked him, gave him a crane and told him I was sorry, but I didnt know how to make ants/grasshopers with rice paper…not yet!!! ha

13- Receptionist: gave me a big fat smile.

14-Miami subs dude-left it on the window but it was going to fly away..so i climbed up there and another dude grabbed the origami. I said it was for the other dude… Then VJ encounter began..

15- VJ the comedian from Miami Subs Drive thru- with a very serious face, he asks:”is your dad a terrorist?” and i go:” no. Is yours?” he goes “Yes” and he asks again, and I go ” I’m Colombian I feel you ” (WHAT AN IDIOT!) Tommy you should tell this one……..we got free ice cream though, so I was happy…

16- Sean-Sarasota- He gave me directions to the walgreens… so he said, what is this. I explained the art of origami. He said: ” wow, Im going to keep this forever” and smiled in amazement. Then askend: ” who are you?” then I said, I’m Carolina.Who are you? i asked. Then he said: I’m Sean. I said: Nice to meet you Sean. I’ll see you around!

17-Man rapping in SOBE– he watched me doing it. THen asked what it was. I told him, he said :” you did this for me?” I said :” yes”…”oooo that is so sweet”.. when he was wrapping he seemed a bit scary for a second, so I hesitated..Then when i gave him the origami he made the sweetest voice…so just reinforces the power of origami.

18- Kitty May-  (2) 1 via Tmac- 1 via me. She likes blue. She is amazingly inspiring.I love her and want her to be my GM.

19- Dottie- Awesome aldy- Received- Blue origamy and GIGANOURMOUS YELLow Origami..sister white origami is with Kitty GM.

20- Julia- I really wanted this little girl to talk to me…they payer with the origami, but then kinda seemed uninterested quickly,

21- Julias Friend.-yellow
22- Uncle Billi’s GF-orange
23- Server- pink
24- Ols old old 98  year old Gm friend- Blue
25-Daughter of 98 year old. Green
26- Kaye- masseuse
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One response to “*origami love*

  1. You are amazing!!! — 270 days left. 990 orgami left to give. That means 3 to 4 orgami per day. Do you have it in you??? I think you do, you should just make a ton one day … so you’ve got them stored up with you. I really think people around town are going to start calling you orgami girl.

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