Tom’s first triathlon!

1 hour and 8 minutes later Tom AKA DOOGIE, M.D. is done with his first tri!!! IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!!

The silence before the gun goes off…

waiting at the start!!! he didn’t anticipate the battle that was his first tri swim!!

TOM out of the water quicker than expected!

THE BIKE!!!!!!!!!!

i WAS running everywhere, so I got pretty crappy pics of the bike portion !

THE RUN was the best portion, Tommy kicked some serious bootie-oooo!!!!

FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING TIME AND AMAZING TIMES

sO PROUD! he did an amazing job…didn’t drown or fall from his bike or hit the floor when running!!!!!!! yey


One response to “Tom’s first triathlon!

  1. Super! I am just sad that I am not good with smimming… I would like really to experience triathlon. Tom is tough guy 🙂

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