*Origami Love*

Origami Love branches out!

Birdie birthdays at H unit-

I have chosen 1 person per month from Death Row in Oklahoma City (1 month the oldest person, 1 month the youngest). The cards will only contain drawings and 1 origami…some of them don’t speak English or can’t read.

May 21- Kenneth Hogan

June 22- David Magnan

July 20- Ricky Malone

August 5- Michael Delozier

September 26- Michael Selsor

October 4- Carlos

November 1- Anthony Sanchez

December 19- Richard Rojein

January 19- Darwin D. Brown

——————————2 executions scheduled———

Terry Lyn Short – execution- June 17,2008. We’re to late for his b day 22 Aug 1960- ill send a silent origami.

23 May 65 Kevin Young – ———–Date requested —

Execution Process

Method of Execution: Lethal Injection

Drugs used:
Sodium Thiopental – causes unconsciousness
Vecuronium Bromide – stops respiration
Potassium Chloride – stops heart

Two intravenous lines are inserted, one in each arm. The drugs are injected by hand held syringes simultaneously into the two intravenous lines. The sequence is in the order that the drugs are listed above. Three executioners are utilized, with each one injecting one of the drugs.


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