the Programmers Guild…wow…speculation of their involvement in the Fragomen incident…

Also speculation as to posing as governmental officials to check U.S. recruitment techniques…

What these cats believe :

The right to practice in one’s chosen profession is a Constitutional liberty [Gibson v. Berryhill, 411 U.S. 564, 571 (1973)] that is violated by visas that force Americans to train their foreign replacements or otherwise result in displacement by foreign workers.

Part of their mission :

“Nonimmigrant Visas: H-1B/L-1

While the U.S. lost about 500,000 tech jobs between 2000 and 2003, Congress admitted about 500,000 foreign tech workers on nonimmigrant visas: L-1 and H-1B – resulting in the displacement of over one million American workers. These visas provide no protection to U.S. workers, as employers are not required to consider U.S. applicants as a condition of obtaining H-1B visas. Even with record unemployment and new graduates unable to find work, Congress continues to flood the job market.

While protecting Citizens is among the most important roles of government, the U.S. Congress has knowingly violated the liberty and property interests that 500,000 Americans had in their chosen profession by allowing them to be displaced by foreign workers. Many highly skilled U.S. workers now work at Wal-Mart and Borders Books, while their jobs have been given to foreign workers.”

wow– THIS IS CRAZY! 65,000 visa # hasnt been changed by congress since 2003 (WHEN THE # ACTUALLY WENT DOWN!)…this guild group is disregarding the fact that audits have increased by more than 70% and that prevailing wage is still a must , which makes U.S. workers more desirable since employers wont have to comply with a floor of minimum prevailing wage salary. Even if its 200 bucks a year less…that saves…atty fees and the pressure of potential audits/violations.



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