a persons nightmare is someone elses dream..

With storms and stories of horrid weather encounters, last night as the flashing continued, i found myself scared shitless in bed with Dante, under the covers thinking…:” wow, i can’t even escape nature by the most primitive form of protection- covering your eyes-, this is instopable, i can still see the reflection of the lightning in my eyes.” So, i tried covering myself up with darker sheets, even extra covers…nothing worked… which is why i am so scared of lightning…there is no protection from the threat…which is really horrible…again…impotence…whether initiated by humans/nature.. .impotence…the worse feeling…

Then i thought of the ones that cannot see… and how MAYBE, just MAYBE some people that are considered blind, but have some percetage of perception from their nerves might possible feel this…see it??? If so, i can imagine they must see this as the most fascinating orchestra or senses…the feeling of being alive…of being remembered by nature…

Walter de Maria “The Lightning field” 1977- land art in New Mexico

So a part of me, wishes i could take all blind people to Walter de Maria’s “The lightning field” piece in New Mexico…This is land art, where he placed 400 polished stainless steel rods -two inches in diameter and averaging 20 feet and 7½ inches in heigh- 1 mile by 1 kilometer apart. This area, is known as big lightning activity area…. its a beautiful piece that I have always wanted to see…despite my fear

With that, last night i was humbled and felt very greatful…i think i have a new found appreciation for lightning and thunder…maybe its the world’s way of remembering that small percentage of people who can see but only sometimes….


2 responses to “a persons nightmare is someone elses dream..

  1. Your mind is fascinating. Seriously, I think that is a question for Sarah.

    I think some blind people will be able to see the lightening flash while others will not. If they have some light perception, I cannot think of a more exhilarating experience. If they have no visual perception, whatsoever, I don’t think they will be able to see anything. Of course they still will be able to hear the thunder (is there thunder in the lightning field?).

    One more place to go within the U.S.A. and one more fear to conquer.

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