What to do after Tri Season?

Come November 2nd, Tri Season will be over.  Tom will have finished as many as 2 sprints and 2 olympic distance races.  And Caro will have finished a sprint, an olympic, a 70.2, and an IRONMAN.  The triathlon equivalent of batting the “cycle”!  But after Nov 1st, what do we do??

Option #1:  Train for more triathlons.  If Caro qualifies for Kona, she is doing it.  If so, Tom will do a 70.2.

Option #2:    Adventure Racing.  AR requires learning new disciplines and will take time.  But that is most of the fun.  Mountain Climbing, Treking, Orienteering, Land Navigation, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Rappelling, Trail Running, canoeing, and X-country skiing.  Obviously, living in Miami makes practicing some of these sports difficult.  But there is plenty we can do.  We can find short races up at Oleta or other parts of Florida.  We can practice Mountain Climbing right here in Miami.  We can work all of these things into that backpacking trip out west we have been planning.  One day, years from now, perhaps we get so into it that we do a Primal Quest race (check out some amazing photos of PQ Montana here).  The great thing about AR is that it is a team sport.  Meaning we working together during the whole race.  And we can recruit others along the way.

Option #3:     Toyko Marathon.  Or another Marathon out west if we can’t leave the country.  Much easier to work into a vacation than a Tri!


One response to “What to do after Tri Season?

  1. Well I think option 1 is out- given my test results today(I think you could enjoy a 70.2 WOW for u even thinking it love!). I like option 2 &4 the most. AR sounds awesome…although Im not a fan of the high % of accidents in climbing… the thought of risking losing u is nowhere near worth the views or excitement at all…not even close. Option # 4 would be actually moving forward with a project that helps the world? maybe even just a personm, maybe we can train to do a sprint distance tri with a blind person…or just a 5k…we’ll think of other optins… i like option 3 as well but i looked at the #s and other similar cases today and its not looking good at all… travel doc about 8 mths and it looks more like 2 years + for my freedom…

    loved this post!

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