*Rainbowing love*

Go to the people.

Live with them.

Learn from them.

Love them.

Start with what they know.

Build with what they have.

But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say

“We have done this ourselves”.” Lao Tzu

I think we should try and “build something” once we make our break out of what we have now.

We have some resources…and that is something that we can work on and get more of, if we have the right pitch and the right project. After IM this is all I’m doing with my free time, it’s going to be our art life project, GIVING LOVE.

Educational institution is probably the safest most efficient way of helping(knowledge). I was thinking maybe we could have a community center- Education/besic Medical and recreational…but i dont know about liabilities with the medical? –

Our strongest tool right now is who we know. Motivation is the only thing we need, right? whats keeping us? we need to be more proactive, we are 26, i’ll be 27 and I have not helped enough people at all, I’ve been pretty selfish.

Next summer should be our first goal, we should choose a project, find a venue and start scouting the area out. We can find a place that is foreign for both of us, or a place that one of us in familiar with.

People we know that would help, somehow:

Medical: Andrea(in fact we talkeda bout this yesterday!) her parents + their friends, Meg and Alex, Maria Juliana.

Educational: Jane, Meg, Tom Sr., Rebecca, Phyllis and Dan, Gibson, Norwood, Christian’s sister, Peggy.

Recreational: BIlli, Mikey, Tico, Pipe, Jane, Kiki, Humberto, Tom Sr., Cristian.

Project/Structure/ Funding: Billy, Billi, Mike, Kurt,Anna, Pipe, Christian, Josh.

(Billy helped build schools in Mexico for a while. He stopped doing it pretty much because of all the corruption he saw.)

For losgistic purposes, maybe we should look at the southern hemisphere this continent first..like Peru (Cristian could help out a lot), Colombia , Guatemala, Nicaragua. We should explore a place that attracs us and that has a very low literacy if we go with education, or very low access to medical iF we choose to go that route. We can then try and recruit our players and then we can execute. We need to start planning now. We need time to play with ideas and research.

Im very EXCITED ABOUT THIS…I Know that together we can accomplish unbelievable things together…we will be rainbowing love….

*Also- Quiz on Africa next Tuesday (I better get more than 2% this time around) and as a team we should cover it all.

I know some orphanages in Mexico where we could really help out as well.., We just need a cause that will keep us going, that like you said will be the fuel to keep us going.


One response to “*Rainbowing love*

  1. Community centers are wonderful idea. In both rural towns without adequate schools, perhaps around the Amazon. (Ecuador? Colombia? Peru?). Community centers would be very beneficial in urban areas to give kids an alternative to being on the streets. Think Bogota or right here in Miami. Either way, I think it is an amazing idea. We could actually learn quite a bit from your grandmother as well (I am sure she would like being asked for advice and more than willing to give it). Could be a perfect retirement project for my parents too. Can’t wait to discuss more this weekend!

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