*love more packets: KB showers”

This running early morning, I kept my music off since i wanted to join WII and TG in silence…just meditate and feel my breathing. My HR was off the roof…and you’ll get an idea of what i was talking about through BT.

Anyways, as i was running after my pissy fit, since i had to force myself to go really slowly… I turned around and saw all these people washing their cloths, their teeth, taking “the morning shower” right after the KB bridge. I saw this lady in particular who was living off her car, you could tell she once owned a home which probably had plants in it…and i just felt soooo sad..so so sad…and then i thought how nice it would be for them to come to the public shower one morning and find a little packet of fresh cloths, shampoo/soap/toothbrush a book of photos of beautiful places and people and breakfast. That would be like a really nice surprise i think. Mostly for those who don’t even own a vehicle, but just have like a little bicycle or grocery cart.

i could envision the packet and wish my eyes could be hooked up to a printer so I could print an image of them, make the packet with a big creme coloured bow and put the picture on top. I feel soo lucky and i wanted to hug all these people and give them kisses all over and tell them i love them, because they make me realize how lucky I am and how beautiful life is…how there are just too many reasons for me to be amazingly happy nad thankful with the world…for they have a story too, and i bet amazing stories, they could be me in 10 years, or could have been me, they are beautiful and i LOVE THEM ALL.

So, i will do this as my gift to us for our number 9 in August…


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