New York City Triathlon July 20, 2008

After lion’s crest jelly fish encounters in the water, running to the start to make sure i made it, cramp at mile 4 and a lot of hot hot hot humid air…..TMAC finishes his first Olympic distance triathlon in less than 3 hours!!!! pretty impressive: 2:59:51


Thomas MacWright 171/294 25:21 7:55 1:22:06 4:17




Especially for the amount of training that he did, which was not voluminous and he was injured pretty much until race day.

After a scare of inability to SHOW at NYC tri due to work!!!! tri life was SAAAAVVVEEED and so to the woods where there are ghost deer we went… i have woken up at the crack of dawn to see these supposed “deer” with their little babies, and yeah NO SHOW…

Anyways, here’s a recap of the race in pictures… Tom did amazing…I am ridiculously proud of him!!! he did amazing!!!

here we go…

coffe place —

TMAC’s wetsuit fit perfectly..yes he finally floated…

let the race begin…….

the little girl was running late! we are all ubber excited…..

NOT knowing we were going to encounter this ::::

it is TOTALLY not as cute when it touches your face while you are swimming. EVIL JELLYFISH

TMAC having a blast and the little girl as well…

to be continued….. bettter pictures to come!


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