Im taking charge- NEXT TRIP- Everglades national park- Nov-Dec

Finally the time is almost here for me to prove that i have the mental capacity for an IM… with less than 4 weeks left, I feel ready!!!

WHich means…whats our next adventure????

The lifestyle of triathlon left me dry so i say we explore our state doing other things we will like, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, camping, hiking…

We have a true gem in our backyard…the everglades…

Ever wondered what is beyong those mangroes on the way to the keys?? well i often did and never felt compelled to look it up, well…today i finally took out a map and was amazed to see all the hiking trails and camping sites around those areas…it looks amazing!!!I AM UBBER EXCITED!!!

So, i was gonna plan a surprise trip(Since im like really turned on by surprises!) , but i think it be best if we decide together where in the evreglades we would like to go.

They suggest a 2 night trip for starters. Camping/ kayaking/hiking…I’ve printed out all the different sites where you can reserve the different places, there is frontcountry camping and backcountry camping…you can be inside the “woods” or by the beach or elevated platforms called “chikees”.

We would also want to probably rent a kayak that you can fish in.

The idea is to have your kayak be your we can go to the different islands and explore the ones we want and not and then move on…I think this would be amazing…

Maybe you and I can do one(during wet season Nov) and then we can bring Joshy (Dry season)…i think he would really like this a lot…

Just spend a few seconds looking at the map on this site, you can play with it…:

anyways, I also know where we can rent the kayaks that have the fishing available…we can wither start from the keys or from florida city, obviously depends on which area we want to explore.

SOOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! we could even see FLAMINGOS IN THE WILDERNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*****ALSO, i found a site with fly fishing tours that I think we should try to convince your dad and mom to do, the gulf area, thousand Island is considered like one of the best fly fishing ever! I think that would be awesome. They have cabins and stuff…we should explore fully that way we can convince your folks to come down during winter.

Just spoke with Frankie at Flamingo Park who said we should stop by and talk to him,t aht they have a 15 min video and he can tell us about rental and best times of year to go camping/cnoeing/kayaking!!!!!!!!!!!


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