little things…

This year will be our first Thanksgiving together…

Thanksgiving, I’ve never understood…pilgrims, the indian massacre, little kids getting dressed and doing plays…why death to a turkey and not a cow or veggies? why a pie? and not a corndog? How has this ceremony or historical event evolved to what sum up to be a dreaded reunion for College kids and others as an opportunity for families coming together???? regardless…whoever invented the word THANKSGIVING, was from our planet!!

So, whenever I feel maybe i need to know what this is all about (i go Wikipedia). In my brain the history is another concept such as a phone number you memorize temporarily that dissipates as your priorities boot the concept out of your limited mind space given to short term memory.

To me, what does the word mean? this union of thanks and giving?

Well, how do we give thanks? sooo many ways, but to whom? our families, our friends, strangers, God? and more importantly how to we give thanks, by giving time? money? advice?

I think its a beautiful concept of giving thanks and reflecting on what you have and how lucky you are. As well as giving and sharing what you have, as a “thanks world you rock”!

So, i think its important that we help that weekend, since there will be tones of opportunities at shelters and churches.

The closes homesless shelter i found is the Christian Caring Center in Browns Mills NJ, OR in Camden (Although my favorite is in Newark). There are some around Philly as well, but it depends on what you want as well, schedule wise. (i just got an email from CCC they have no events that weekend)

It will be important to me to start a tradition of giving during bird day. The historical Thanksgiving dinner i think I’ll leave that permanent memory space for my kids to fill.

Maybe we can have KB packets and give them in Philly when we go?

Although there is something really special and almost romantic about giving someone something you made, because you are giving so much of you? like instead of giving easy a sandwhich, siting down with him and sharing some time really meant a lot to me and Im sure maybe a little to him as well.



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