72 things to do…b4 wheelchairs

There is no hierarchy, importance, order or coherence to the list.

1. Concerts: Andrew Bird, I’m from Barcelona, Devendra Benhart, Morrisey, Sigur ros, Owen Pallet, YOYO MA,

2. Go fishing in 4 different continents and 4 lakes in the US. No fishing for us, conserve the earth.

3. Travel to Merseyside to watch a Liverpool game at Anfield ( if i had endless doe, i would take you here, for your BDAY —>

4. Perform the album “Nebraska” by Bruce Springsteen. Caro and Tom on vocals. Tom on guitar and harmonica.

5. Cross a country on a bicycle.

6. Cross a U.S. state on a bicycle.

7. Help Miamians New Yorkers who are struggling.

8. Complete a triathlon /adventure race every year of our lives.

9. After a Hurricane, clean up a park and plant a tree.

10. Have a child.

11. After going to the Louvre, walk and have a baguette with camembert cheese at champs Elysees looking at the Arch del Triomphe during the winter time.

12. Go to Villa de Leyva and count shooting stars.

13. Host Xmas for peeps we know dont have family wherever we live

14. Explore the Everglades with no guides, just us and a map (maybe i’ll bring my Garmin…) We stayed at Peal Harbour on a teepee with Linda and Billy and it was phenomenal!! What morning and what sunset!

15. Go to Machu Pichu and camp around there if possible. THen see the Nazca lines. Bring little toys, maybe some books and leave them at the doorsteps of houses where we can hear children inside.

16. Go to Barbados and see whales and all sorts of animals in their natural habitat.

17. Tom read the little prince in spanish curled up next to the fireplace.

18. gingerbread man shaped pumpkin pie and goat cheese filled ravioli!!!

19. Cook thanksgiving meal but combining all sorts of foods.

20. Run around central park in the FALL

21. Go to the NORTHEAST and Explore the white mountains.

22. Snowshoeing and cross country skiing!

23. Make our home more homie!

24. Tape GM singing.

25. Sing at Bangio Jims together


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