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Ponzi Scheme affects important non profits..

The impact of this scheme goes beyond comprehension… some non profits are already scheduled to close in January. Important names mentioned in the article : Innocence Project and the UJA Federation, Foundation for Humanity which is Eli Weisel’s Foundation. It’s upsetting.

The article is worth the read.



Im taking charge- NEXT TRIP- Everglades national park- Nov-Dec

Finally the time is almost here for me to prove that i have the mental capacity for an IM… with less than 4 weeks left, I feel ready!!!

WHich means…whats our next adventure????

The lifestyle of triathlon left me dry so i say we explore our state doing other things we will like, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, camping, hiking…

We have a true gem in our backyard…the everglades…

Ever wondered what is beyong those mangroes on the way to the keys?? well i often did and never felt compelled to look it up, well…today i finally took out a map and was amazed to see all the hiking trails and camping sites around those areas…it looks amazing!!!I AM UBBER EXCITED!!!

So, i was gonna plan a surprise trip(Since im like really turned on by surprises!) , but i think it be best if we decide together where in the evreglades we would like to go.

They suggest a 2 night trip for starters. Camping/ kayaking/hiking…I’ve printed out all the different sites where you can reserve the different places, there is frontcountry camping and backcountry camping…you can be inside the “woods” or by the beach or elevated platforms called “chikees”.

We would also want to probably rent a kayak that you can fish in.

The idea is to have your kayak be your we can go to the different islands and explore the ones we want and not and then move on…I think this would be amazing…

Maybe you and I can do one(during wet season Nov) and then we can bring Joshy (Dry season)…i think he would really like this a lot…

Just spend a few seconds looking at the map on this site, you can play with it…:

anyways, I also know where we can rent the kayaks that have the fishing available…we can wither start from the keys or from florida city, obviously depends on which area we want to explore.

SOOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! we could even see FLAMINGOS IN THE WILDERNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*****ALSO, i found a site with fly fishing tours that I think we should try to convince your dad and mom to do, the gulf area, thousand Island is considered like one of the best fly fishing ever! I think that would be awesome. They have cabins and stuff…we should explore fully that way we can convince your folks to come down during winter.

Just spoke with Frankie at Flamingo Park who said we should stop by and talk to him,t aht they have a 15 min video and he can tell us about rental and best times of year to go camping/cnoeing/kayaking!!!!!!!!!!!

*love more packets: KB showers”

This running early morning, I kept my music off since i wanted to join WII and TG in silence…just meditate and feel my breathing. My HR was off the roof…and you’ll get an idea of what i was talking about through BT.

Anyways, as i was running after my pissy fit, since i had to force myself to go really slowly… I turned around and saw all these people washing their cloths, their teeth, taking “the morning shower” right after the KB bridge. I saw this lady in particular who was living off her car, you could tell she once owned a home which probably had plants in it…and i just felt soooo so sad…and then i thought how nice it would be for them to come to the public shower one morning and find a little packet of fresh cloths, shampoo/soap/toothbrush a book of photos of beautiful places and people and breakfast. That would be like a really nice surprise i think. Mostly for those who don’t even own a vehicle, but just have like a little bicycle or grocery cart.

i could envision the packet and wish my eyes could be hooked up to a printer so I could print an image of them, make the packet with a big creme coloured bow and put the picture on top. I feel soo lucky and i wanted to hug all these people and give them kisses all over and tell them i love them, because they make me realize how lucky I am and how beautiful life is…how there are just too many reasons for me to be amazingly happy nad thankful with the world…for they have a story too, and i bet amazing stories, they could be me in 10 years, or could have been me, they are beautiful and i LOVE THEM ALL.

So, i will do this as my gift to us for our number 9 in August…

a persons nightmare is someone elses dream..

With storms and stories of horrid weather encounters, last night as the flashing continued, i found myself scared shitless in bed with Dante, under the covers thinking…:” wow, i can’t even escape nature by the most primitive form of protection- covering your eyes-, this is instopable, i can still see the reflection of the lightning in my eyes.” So, i tried covering myself up with darker sheets, even extra covers…nothing worked… which is why i am so scared of lightning…there is no protection from the threat…which is really horrible…again…impotence…whether initiated by humans/nature.. .impotence…the worse feeling…

Then i thought of the ones that cannot see… and how MAYBE, just MAYBE some people that are considered blind, but have some percetage of perception from their nerves might possible feel this…see it??? If so, i can imagine they must see this as the most fascinating orchestra or senses…the feeling of being alive…of being remembered by nature…

Walter de Maria “The Lightning field” 1977- land art in New Mexico

So a part of me, wishes i could take all blind people to Walter de Maria’s “The lightning field” piece in New Mexico…This is land art, where he placed 400 polished stainless steel rods -two inches in diameter and averaging 20 feet and 7½ inches in heigh- 1 mile by 1 kilometer apart. This area, is known as big lightning activity area…. its a beautiful piece that I have always wanted to see…despite my fear

With that, last night i was humbled and felt very greatful…i think i have a new found appreciation for lightning and thunder…maybe its the world’s way of remembering that small percentage of people who can see but only sometimes….

MusArt Sunday

Tommy & dante- on a super fun inspiro artsy fartsy sunday…




then some comedy with some cool katz- Kevin and MerStella-




Langerado 2008 — Big Cyprus Indian Reseravation — We saw Martin Sexston (pictured above), the Shout Out Louds, Ben Folds, the National, of Montreal, Thievory Corporation, r.e.m., Keller Williams, Pete Francis, and Steel Train.


After having our first swim together…Tom did an awesome job!! he is going to be a great swimmer! 😉
i’m very excited!!

This AM, although really hard to leave bed–> it’s magnetismmmmm is unequivocally speakin to my soul…—>but i was pushed out and i am glad I was, I had a great time! it was foggy and gloomy and it felt like we were riding in North Carolina or more appropriately, since int he company of a Brit, somewhere in England. The fog was awesome…. there were a lot of riders out. On our way to Virginia Key, we met with some other friend that are doing IM FL, and saw the sun which was HUGE!!!!!!!!! it was amazing…although I took a pic, it doesn’t do justice!! had fun taking pics…but got my butt kicked since i was behind!!

Awesome awesome ride…love mornings on my bike!