Projects and Races

Short Term Projects
  1. Work on Grandmother’s Circle Journal and a story & packet-WRITE A SONG FOR GM
  2. Send a loving packet to TITA and OMA******
  3. Make a list of 72 things we have done and want to do before wheelchairs
  4. Make the Birthday cards for DR inmates & Carlos
  5. Any activity we do together that starts with S we must only speak in Spanish.
  6. Make list for KB people—AS OUR JOINT B-DAY PRESENT we are making rainbowing love packets and giving them away.
  7. Decide our cause… EDUCATION
  8. Sit Home and Write a Song Together
  9. Work on Rosa Torrealba’s case
  10. Draw picture for Mirna
  11. Do book for Dad
  12. GO to figure drawing meetup!
  13. Help Daini with documents of her parents
  14. Get tickets for NY TRI
  15. Get an instrument – whatever it is- for caro.
  16. Art shows with Joshua
  17. Find Carlos Cuesta file- find out about the Vienna conventio!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Make sure Joshy is training so he is ready for E2M.
  19. visit Carlos
  20. Cook Thai curry chicken for Meg when we go up to NJ next time. Make sure to send the ingredients by mail.
  21. Do a 5k with Sarah manos del sur race! 45 minutes
  22. Get in the water w Sarah and not be scared
  23. Do a sprint triathlon with Sarah 2009
  24. Start motivating people to train other blind athletes.
Long Term Projects-
  1. Score for Africa. Get Non-Profit Presentation Together with Billy.
  2. WORK ON OUR “RAINBOWING LOVE PROJECT” — Is education going to be our focus?? or do we want it to be for medical purposes? relief work in harmed areas??
  3. Continue learning how to love the water, our bikes and early rising.
  4. Help out 99 91 people by the end of the year. Write a blog entry for each person. See List Below.
  5. Identify 10 3 problems with the world that we want to change in our lives…(1 local)- by end of JULY August at least 1.
  6. Get Tom back into Music and Caro back into Art!
  7. Start our tree book- (plant 1st tree before the end of the year)
  8. Be better at saving $ both of us!
  9. Learn how to cook (C), learn how to make origami- perfect Spanish(T)
  10. Compose songs together—- Write 3 songs by end of Year, 1 before SEPT IS OVER!!!!!

Tom’s Training Goals:

  • Feb: 8k on calle ocho.
  • March: Start to bike and swim.
  • April: First sprint tri. Be able to swim for 10 minutes; Bike for 30 minutes; Run for 30 minutes.
  • Sub 20 minute 5k.
  • Swim for 45 minutes.
Tom’s Race schedule:
  • FAU- Sprint FINISHED 1:08 !!!!!!!!!
  • July 20th-NYC Nautica Tri- Olympic with Caro! 2:59:51!
  • Sprint Triathlon in August or early September.
  • Escape to Miami – BIKE- w/ joshy+Chauncey—Mr. Grufus & the Iconoclasts -October 4th. 2:48:58 AMAZING TIME!!!!!

Caro’s Race Schedule:

  • Half Ironman, Sarasota. 5:25
  • July 22nd-NYC Nautica Tri- Olympic. 2:43:20!
  • Sept- 21- Sprint..Crandon park- maybe if Tom does it
  • Train with SARAH
  • E2M Relay- Anna and Tara —> TEAM CATPOWER!!!!! We won 1st place Girl relay team!!!
  • Nov. 1- IRONMAN FLORIDA -Panama City~! 11:56:22 !!!!!!!!!yeah!!!
Those we’ve helped in 2008.
1) James W. Green: We invited James for Pho in Oklahoma City, and helped him with a prepaid legal services program he was joining. James had one leg, was in a wheelchair, and was homeless. He was supposed to be moving into a home next week, which he qualified for because always had a clean record. We should ask our friends in OKC to check up on him and bring him food.
2) Jack: Caro met Jack and bought him breakfast.
3) William: The man that tried to rob Tom in Bayfront Park. Tom bought him a wrap and a smoothie instead (both of which he had never had). He came to Miami to be with his uncle, who died shortly before he got there. He worked construction at night and had been recently beaten up badly while sleeping in the park. He claimed he was trying to be hard, but he didn’t have it in him.
4) 16 year girl from Alabama (T). She was caught in a rip current with her 3 friends while swimming on 42nd street on Miami Beach. I was running on the boardwalk and heard her and her friends scream. He ran in the water with the lifeguard. Due to the choppy water, it tooka while to get to the kids. The lifeguard went after a boy who had drifted far out. I took the girl back to shore. She was hyperventaliting and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. We met the beach patrol on the shore, who provided her oxygen while the medics came. She ended up fine. Her friends did not fight the current, and were picked up by jetskis. They were fine, while she swallowed water and panicked when the rip current came.
5) Carlos Cuesta: Caro went to see Carlos on Death Row. He doesn’t get many visitors, and I am sure that made his week.
6) Sarah: Caro runs with Sarah. Sarah is blind. Soon they are going to train for triathlons.
7) Countless immigrants.
8 ) Venitian man with no shirt- KB packet receipient!
9) KB packet to Jim, who was soooo cute, he was making cat noises at people when they walked next to him into Publix, i think the cops asked him to leave…i was hoping to find him when i was done shopping, but he was gone!!!1 so i looked around as i was driving away I FOUND HIM!! i was like YEAH….So i ran to him…and said :” i have a present for you! he looked at me and simply gave me the biggest most beautiful smile (despite his lack of front teeth) and said :” augh ,you’re so sweet” and then i gave him a high five and ran back to my car. I screamed ” i love you” as i was moving away.
10- EASYYYY-shared a sandwhich and an awesome moment with him!!! it was really nice. “the street names you” “do you really need a wheelchair?.. he said:mmmm not really” “why have an apartment wehn i have the sky with stars and the green” “he had good friends that were animals…then he said that i was a good animal” “he also said that i need to help people one at a time” .i really like him. He said we would meet again, destiny had it planned that way. MEEEAAWWWW is his trademark!
11– Girls in Pakistan with their education.
12- Last KB packet…bridge old man. didn’t get a chance to help him.
13- A lady on the bus- Her baby was about a week old. She had unfortunately full of things and had taken the wrong bus.  I helped her get off and fix the little cart. I missed my other bus. But this poor woman really broke my heart. Thank God, I was able to help  her.
14- A blind man walks into CVS- how is he going to find what he is looking for? I ask him. He says, clippers. I say ok, do you want to walk with me or do you want to wait? He said :” but you are a patron? arent you? ” i said :” yes, but I have time” , a CVS person came over and continued to help him. He was a tall beautiful man in his 60’s.
15-bought water for a lady in the store that was really dehydrated.

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